D’Addario in strings history

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The innovative concept at D'Addario strings

The biggest innovation in strings concept coming from D’Addario was the Helicore set, in which, using a heavier metal in each string, they achieved a full set with the same gauge and same reaction under the bow. 

A big step in the direction of homogeneous sound in the full range of the instrument, from a firm who is always looking forward to new technologies. 

They own the whole production chain from the metal extraction and production of wires, extruder plants for the synthetic floss... everything they need for their production, they make it in the US in their own factories.

Less than 80 years ago it was just two brothers, emigrated from Salle to New York, producing gut strings in their garage and going around with a small chart to sell them to music shops, today the largest family-run company in music instruments and accessories production.


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