Period vs modern

Period gut strings versus modern gut strings. Which is the difference?

What do I mean exactly when I speak about modern gut?

Period wind instruments have very different tones for each note, due to construction limits, resulting in the very different sound of every key. 

Today Cmajor can sound exactly like B major, or Ebemoll major, in the past they sounded very different.

This difference was the colour palette of composers.

During the ages, music moved to find more evenness from note to note, and also in the bowed family, we can notice that early bows gave a very different articulation from the modern one.

Period strings, being so different in gauges in the same set, from extremely thin to “as big as can still move” in the same instrument, resulting in a more colourful palette, more dynamics, and a different sound of each string, due to the different reaction of a certain gauge under the bow.

Modern strings are more even, they tend to be of the same gauge in one set, their goal is homogeneity.

So with modern instruments, the responsibility for a colourful performance is entirely on the musician.

Good or bad I cannot tell, I love both, your choice it's up to you!


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