Gut Strings Expert… expert… uhm… no, I am not an Encyclopaedie, I don’t know everything, expert doesn’t mean that, at least not in my case!

When I had to decide a name for my activity my friends told me that a consultant is someone who talks a lot but does little (if any), and you never know how much money he will cost you. So no, not that…

This dog on the front is Guru (the other is Ted), and they lived with me from 2014 to 2020 (I loved them so much). Their names are from the rescue house where I met them.

So I thought at “Gut Strings Guru”. Good sound. For me it’s more funny than pretentious, being Guru my dog. But they told me it was too much the name of a shop. So, I decided to give up also on this even though I think it was easier to remember and write.

This is how Expert came out. They simply told me: you are an expert, and you must be clear starting from your name on what you offer.

That’s it. But as the Gut Strings Guru is what comes to my mind more often, I decided to use it anyway and it became the name of my blog. Actually, this is what this blog is about: becoming Gut Strings Gurus!

Welcome on board!

I’ve been a string maker for 15 years, helping others to find their best set of strings, and also using them myself professionally. 

So I came to know things that very few people knows, ans, as all my friends say, it’s a pity not to share them.

It took time, the frustrations I experienced sometimes were very deep. I couldn’t just be angry with the string maker!!

Then I learnt: what to appreciate, what has to be managed, what cannot be accepted at all. I found what I like and what I am happy about.

So this is what we are speaking about: being happy with your playing.

Once again, thank you for coming here, for your trust in me, your support, and welcome to the Gut Strings Guru Blog!


baroque music, early music, gut strings, gut strings maintenance

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