The Peg


How to install correctly the string in the peg.

(don't do this with wound strings!)

This is the most efficient way to stop the string in the peg. Try always to be as tidy as possible, as overlapped string could result in breaking the back of the pegbox if there is no enough space behind the peg. The back of the pegbox could be as thin as 1mm, you cannot know, but breaking it could be very easy... So, don't do this even with very thick strings, like the fourth pure gut: it doesn't need this, it will not slip anyway.

Never do this with a wound string, it would break easily as it is not plyable as a pure gut one. In this case, simply juxtappose every spiral.

Don't try to do it with modern very stiff gut, they will break

At the end it's nice if you come out with the last spire just close to the peg side (from the side of the peg) so that it keeps the peg tight. On the other hand, if the string ends too far from the side, it will simply pull the peg out.


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