Varnished strings

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"I couldn't play without varnished strings. Yes, I know they are not historically correct, but there is no other way for me, as my hands are so sweaty and I am so busy, that I move from hard air-conditioned to hot and humid environments even trice per day."

Is this familiar to you? I hear this so often...

The fact that varnished strings are not historically correct is, in my opinion, of secondary importance. It's not the only thing in a musician daily routine to be historically "imprecise", and it may be not the most important.

The most important thing I believe, for us all, is the music which comes out of it.

I didn't write this report because I sell not varnished strings, neither I sell oil. The reason why I wrote this is because I firmly believe that a varnished string is a string which has been castrated in many ways during its production, and it is far from giving us the service we expect from it. Even worst, if you don't know this, you don't see what you are missing.

You may not need a better violin. You may spend practising the half the time you spend now and have more free time for research or to enjoy life. You may forget the frustration of a string breaking unpredictably. You may save a lot of money, as you may have strings lasting much longer! 

Download this 20 pages report to learn the secrets of a Varnished String: it's free for you, with many thanks for your interest in my work.

Ps: there are many drawings in this report: they are just silly stick figures drawings, but I enjoyed drawing them, so I hope you will like their simplicity and enjoy them too.

Pps: I'd love to hear from you, so write a comment below or write me a mail at


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