Gut Strings Consultancy for Musicians

and Luthiers

Fix any gut strings problem and boost your professional image

Daniela is an Italian string maker, violinist and violist, and she also has experience in making musical instruments. She is on a mission to share her Gut Strings expertise, so musicians can play with colour and freedom.

Remember when all your attention was grabbed by a weakening string, praying it wouldn’t break?

Or when a BANG!  was heard in the orchestra and you looked at your violin fearing it was you?

I help you make those whistling and scratching memories a past nightmare, never to live it again.

In a one-hour consultancy session, you will learn how to choose your strings and how to prepare them, so you will never suffer from “unpredictable” breaking again. 

When you’ll grab your violin, you’ll know that your ‘voice’ is there, without uncertainties or bad surprises.

Thank you so much for your strings tips. I am amazed at how easy it was to change a gut string on a viol!! I used three of your videos and I did it! You give out so much fantastic informations for free. Thanks to you, we will have much better educated musicians, and in the end it's the music that profits. Thank you. 

Kate Walpole

Freelance Baroque Bassoonist, Teacher at UWA and WAAPA, Amateur cellist

Perth, Australia

Dear Daniela, thank you so much for your help with my gut string problem. Here are a few of my recordings which I thought you might find interesting. I hope to meet you in person some day.

(letter in a package of CDs)

Aisslinn Nosky

Violinist, Conductor


There is so much to learn about Natural Gut String's, Daniela is a Fountain of knowledge re Gut String's any problem Daniela will help, she has helped me at Veritas with dramatic results.


(facebook post)

Michael Burnham

Violin Maker.

Veritas Baroque Violin

United Kingdom

How it works:


You book a one-to-one video call in which we consider your instrument, your set up and your repertoire so you can choose strings that match historically and suit your playing style. 


Every instrument is different like every musician is different, so during an interactive call you get personal advice. For instance, if your E string breaks too often, we’ll evaluate together where and how it breaks. Once we establish the cause of the string breaking, we'll see how you can p revent further problems. So, you won’t get embarrassed during your next rehearsal or concert, and you can focus your full attention to playing.

During the video call, we’ll:

  • Use a simple method to understand if you are using the best gauge of strings so you don’t waste money in trying random strings
  • Determine which mechanical issues cause a sudden break so you can concentrate on your music and avoid bad surprises
  • Discuss what makes you feel unconfortable and what sound you desire (you can even play during the call). We can consider if different kind of strings could help, so you will feel confident in your instrument's voice and you can better express yourself easily connecting with colleagues.
  • Answer your questions regarding history, manufacture, technical issues, theory doubts, use and maintenance of your instrument and gut strings

The session will be recorded, so you don’t need to take any notes -you can focus on the conversation. At the end of your session, you’ll receive:

  • The downloadable recording via a private link
  • Relevant links on the issues we’ve discussed or other technical specs
  • A short checklist to prevent future string breaks

An online video consult avoids you travel expenses to visit a string maker while maintaining the quality of a one-to-one personalized advise. It goes deep into your needs, with the major advantage that we are going through the process together so you will get a new skill and not just a therapy note.

You know how important is for your talent

to shine through a correct stringing

Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Designer, Musician,

Online Enterpreneur

Daniela Gaidano is very thorough and enthusiastic researcher in the world of early stringed instruments. Her endeavours have included visiting elderly string makers in remote areas to preserve memories of the old ways of string making, archival research, and long practical experience with Aquila strings, recognised throughout the world as leading pioneers in the struggle to recover the lost sounds of the old instruments 

Chris Goodwin

Secretary, The Lute Society

Great Britain

The passionate interest of Daniela Gaidano for the world of authentic stringing, and her study and investigations in that field, have impressed me since the time I met her. It is important for today's musicians using period instruments, to be well informed about the different historic possibilities and best solutions for the instrument they use - I do not hesitate to recommend Daniela's knowledge and help to anyone who wants serious basis to refer to.

Sigiswald Kuijken

Violinist, Conductor


String Pitch Problem

Hi Daniela,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I will definitely try out those options and see if it helps. I actually did soak my A string in olive oil but it was only for a week as I could not wait to try it! The other half of the string is still in the oil, so I will try it when it's been over a 

Thank you again for your help, not just today but for sharing your invaluable knowledge through your website!

Warm wishes,

Dechopol Kowintaweewat

Dechopol Kowintaweewat

Violinist. Zorá Quartet


Concert successful!

We performed on Saturday morning and it was quite successful :)

Thank-you very much for your help, as you deserve part of the the credit.

Thank-you very much for your support and hope to contact you soon for a new project.

Jordi B. Paradis

Chorus Conductor

Shanghai International Choral League

Shanghai, China

about Daniela Gaidano

I am an italian string maker, I have experience in instrument making, and I am a professional violinist and violist.

I know what it feels like to deal with string problems, and I’ve solved string problems for 15 years in my factory’s workshop.

I have been invited to lecture for Accademia Mahler Bolzano, Shimamura Academy Tokyo, British Lute Society London, Orchestra Spira Mirabilis.

I was interviewed by the magazine Sarasate (Tokyo) and I appeared in the BBC series How it’s made, in the DVD “Ukes Down Under” (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, bonus extra “Aquila Spaghetti Harvest”), and in a video interview during Bosko and Honey Ukulele Safari.

here is a screenshot with me playing for the BBC video serie "How it's made", featured on the home page of The Strad magazine

Know your strings, and play with joy.

Consultancy Session



1h Zoom session:

by video it's easier to show me your problems, and I can give you personal advice on any strings issue

1 follow up email
with useful links and technical specs so you don't have to take notes

Free session recording:

get the video recording of the session, downloadable for your future referral



€ 79,00

€ 86,00

GUARANTEE: I am confident I can help you find your voice and solve your string problems. But if, for whatever reason, our call doesn’t exceed your expectations, I will refund your money with a smile.


Do you sell strings?

No, but I can help you to find where to buy them if you like

Is this service connected with a company making or selling strings?

No, not at all. I worked for 15 years for Aquila Corde Armoniche and I owned a part of the company. At the end of 2016 I decided to sell my part and follow another path.

Do I have to install or pay for a software?

For the call we will use Zoom, which you can install for free on a computer or on your mobile device. It only takes two or three minutes.  I will send you a link to join the conversation and you will not have to pay anything more.