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Ever had the sensation of reading something cryptical while trying to be informed on gut strings? 

Whether you are a student writing your final degree essay or a researcher writing an article on something in which gut strings are involved, I can help you to solve your doubts so you can write more confidently on a topic you know upside-down. I made gut strings following the historical Italian manufacturing process for 15 years, and I am also a professional violinist and violist, so I can unveil for you some cryptical details you jump on while researching on gut strings and bring your work to an upper level. 

...are you maybe in charge of a historically informed group?  Consider hiring an expert to ask for the better sets for the repertoire you are practising, and to discuss with if someone in the group faces a problem with his set up. It would make your work more smooth and fulfilling, and on top, you could also benefit leverage by advertising it in your material. 

If you are a teacher you could hire me for your whole class: just delegate all the strings issues of your students to an expert, and enjoy the higher level of confidence they will benefit from.

...and if you are an instrument maker, how about delivering your creations with the perfect strings on, so you don't get complaints about "that scratchy D, that lack of power in the A, that tiny e"... 

The value of a customer falling in love at the first touch is well worth acquiring this knowledge! ...not to mention the damage of a frustrated customer telling around how your violin doesn't sound easy on the D... 

To avoid this is a priority!! 

...and it's just a piece of knowledge away, just one more thing to know about violin making, that can dramatically change the perception your customers have of your instruments! 

This consultancy service is also available for amateur string makers in search of suggestions: I'd love working with you so that your efforts are fulfilling.

Having a dedicated service to know more about Gut Strings was helpful to add more specialist knowledge into my own instrument building, getting the best sound out of each instrument and providing the best comfort for each player.

...after all we are all here to improve our sound production by the end of the day!

Paul Shelley

Violin Maker

Birmingham, United Kingdom

As an instrument maker of the violin family I found Daniela's service extremely valuable.

At first I did not know if this membership was right for me but Daniela has many levels of membership and you can try out the service before making the commitment.

Her knowledge, expertise and experience have given me a greater understanding of how strings are made and how to deal with problems that players might face. The content on her website is very informative and I keep going back to refer to it on a regular basis.

The monthly meetings are also a great forum where I can ask questions and receive customized help. I have the premium membership and I would passionately recommend this service to players and instrument makers.

Arber Makri

Violin Maker, Artist

Toronto, Canada

String Pitch Problem

Hi Daniela,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I will definitely try out those options and see if it helps. I actually did soak my A string in olive oil but it was only for a week as I could not wait to try it! The other half of the string is still in the oil, so I will try it when it's been over a 

Thank you again for your help, not just today but for sharing your invaluable knowledge through your website!

Warm wishes,

Dechopol Kowintaweewat

Dechopol Kowintaweewat

Violinist. Zorá Quartet


Concert successful!

We performed on Saturday morning and it was quite successful :)

Thank-you very much for your help, as you deserve part of the the credit.

Thank-you very much for your support and hope to contact you soon for a new project.

Jordi B. Paradis

Chorus Conductor

Shanghai International Choral League

Shanghai, China

How it works:

You got a project, so we plan together according to your needs: You can get:

  • Up to 10 Zoom sessions booked at your convenienceI am available every tuesday but we can also agre on a different convenient day by email
  • Recordings. Every session is recorded and you will get a link to download it
  • e-mail follow up or shared document depending on the kind of project, something could be more effectively achieved by video, something else by email and of course both ways are available. Also collaborating on a Google document is an option.
  • Resources. I will share with you all my sources related to your work so that   you have everything you need to be successfull with your   project.
  • Leverage exposure by links to your work and use of my logo on your material Be featured in the Gut Strings Expert Around the World list below: a space to describe your work and links to your web and social media. I will also be happy to send to my complete list up to 2 emails per year with a presentation of your work and your updates
  • Use of my logo on your website or promotional material, so your audience is informed that you are seriously committed to your mission of delivering historically informed service

You know how important is for your talent

to shine through a correct stringing

Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Designer, Musician,

Online Enterpreneur

If I have a question, I post it, and I got an answer, because she's there, she's accessible

I am a violin maker, and I am an enthusiast of crafts, I need to do things with my hands. 

The only thing who could prevent me from buying was the money investment, but having met Daniela in a group for Violoncello da Spalla revival, I already knew that she's always helpful and supportive. What definitely convinced me is that she committed so much on trying to have more options for our strings, and also her enthusiasm for silk strings. She's always willing to solve the problem. I know she will help us to find more strings for Violoncello da Spalla, no matter what.

What I like most about the membership is the Whatsapp group. Being connected with others is what drives me on and keeps me focused. I like the fact that, if I have a question, I post it, and I got an answer, because she's there, she's accessible. I know that given her concrete experiences if I will ever try to make my own strings, she will know how to help, and she will actually be willing to help.

Other things I appreciated were all the historical info on string making, the fact that she personally interviewed those old string makers, the videos, the connections she has. And she is also a good communicator.

If you are a violin maker and you want to be accurate with gut strings and baroque set up, the big plan is absolutely worth the money.

Timothy McCluskey

Violin Maker

Berkeley, California USA

Your 3 Premium Bonus:

  • Whatsapp access: you may have an emergency, or need to send me a video or a pic. WhatsApp is much faster than email. And it's not only for emergencies, is to get closer so that I can be really there for you.
  • Webinar recordings: there was a membership when I started, and it sold for 186€ per year. Every month we had Q&A zoom sessions, I get the questions in advanced and prepared slides and other research material. Then I published a post with the summary, the video recording and the downloadable sources. All of this is now in my blog, protected by a password. You can have life access to these recordings and review the material at your pace.

Today we had a wonderful session with a lot of questions, a lot of interaction......and I forgot to

Protetto: Why not a wound with a loaded core?

On the possibility of using fractional cello strings for cello da spalla, and on varnished strings.12th of June

Protetto: Fractional cello strings and varnished strings

How to help someone trying gut strings for the first time.21st of May 2019In this session I tried

Protetto: First time trying gut strings
  • Complete Recording Tokyo Lecture 2018
  • 4 hours of professional quality video live recording of my Lecture held at Academy Shimamura on the 11th of July 2018.
  • spoken in Italian and translated in Japanese thanks to my host and translator Takumi Takakura
  • 3 hours of video in English a Zoom recording featuring the slide prepared for the lecture commented in Engish
  • Get lifetime access: Warning: you will not receive a physical product. This is not an automatic online purchase. Just write me your interest, I will send you the link for the payment on PayPal. When you pay I will send you the password to access to the complete Premium section in my blog, containing the links to these videos.
  • Historical Overview Why did Italian manufacturer have a monopolium on quality strings for the whole baroque and classical period? Where did this "highest level of perfection" came from?
  • Manufacturing process From old treatises and interviews to old string makers, an account on the whole historical process, in use from the 17th century up to the mid 20th
  • Vibrating String Lenght How to chose a correct string lenght when you are commisioned an instrument from an iconography or to be played at a specific pitch
  • Equal Feeling or Equal Tension? Analisys of this dispute which remains one of the hottest between musicians
  • String Tips How to understand if the strings on an instrument are the correct ones, or if something better could be done without acting on soundpost or bridge, just changing a string! Other practical tips and questions.

about Daniela Gaidano

I am an italian string maker, I have experience in instrument making, and I am a professional violinist and violist.

I know what it feels like to deal with string problems, and I’ve solved string problems for 15 years in my factory’s workshop.

I have been invited to lecture for Accademia Mahler Bolzano, Shimamura Academy Tokyo, British Lute Society London, Orchestra Spira Mirabilis.

I was interviewed by the magazine Sarasate (Tokyo) and I appeared in the BBC series How it’s made, in the DVD “Ukes Down Under” (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, bonus extra “Aquila Spaghetti Harvest”), and in a video interview during Bosko and Honey Ukulele Safari.

here is a screenshot with me playing for the BBC video serie "How it's made", featured on the home page of The Strad magazine

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Gut Strings Experts 

around the World

See what you can achieve with a project consulting!

Takumi Takakura

Maker of Bowed strings Instruments, Teacher (Japan)

I studied violin making under prominent Italian violin makers, most notably, M° Renato Scrollavezza in Parma. They made it possible for me to start my research on Baroque violins and the authentic method of building early music instruments from my very first year in Italy.
Now, with 20 years of experience in violin making, repair and teaching, I embraced the challenge of the construction of Violoncello da Spalla as well as the revival of the harmonical proportion design of musical instruments, with the help of my friend M° Dmitry Badiarov.

I met Daniela through Dmitry’s program, and I was thrilled realizing that I had already benefited from her articles on gut strings for many years. It could not be possible to make my first violoncello da spalla without her help, and I really appreciate her advice which comes from her own broad experience and knowledge.

Daniela’s annual support program is something that I recommend for those who seek to deepen their knowledge about gut strings, because it is certainly not possible to learn everything about this subject just in a few days. I can assure you that her support will equip you with enough knowledge to give you more chances to help musicians in your region.

Takumi Violin's Atelier - liuteriatakumi@gmail.com

Kenji Yagi

Parchment Expert (Japan)

Specialized in parchment making using raw sheep skins sent from a farm. I also import parchment from around the world to sell online for artists, educational institutions, museums, musical instrument workshops, and for “witches and wizards” (seriously, they say a lucky charm written on parchment has spiritual power). 

Made research on the characteristics of medieval manuscript parchment in the British Library and held numerous lectures and workshops in Japan, Turkey, and Thailand on various parchment related topics. 

My interest and admiration of parchment rosettes on Baroque guitar led me further “into” the body of sheep, and found the art of gut string making. Parchment making and gut string making have much in common. Mesmerized to find that oozy, creepy, slippery intestines turn into something that produces heavenly harmony with a little “twist”. 

Glad to receive expert instructions from Daniela, and to be connected with all of you.

youhishikoubou@gmail.com - www.youhishi.com


String making Workshop

Kenji Yagi asked for my mentorship because he was asked to give a gut string making workshop.

This workshop, hosted by the early music festival in Haramura, Nagano prefecture, was such a success that he had to repeat it on the next day to let more participants in.

Mr. Yagi is also the translator of my book in Japanese.

Tomoki Sumiya

Violone player (Japan)

Tomoki Sumiya was a participant in Kenji Yagi’s string making workshop, and contacted me with a dream: starting his own string making business. A professional violone player, the first goal was to make strings for his instruments. 
Making strings is a long path of research and experiments, but here is what he wrote:

“The good news is that the bass strings I made are probably good enough.
The story is:
I tried to make all the strings for my Viennese bass before the middle of Sept but I couldn't. So I used only 2 strings on the top side.
In the first two rehearsals, I used these strings, and the third rehearsal, I was not completely sure about my strings, so I changed back to [...commercial brand name...]
And after the third rehearsal, one of my colleagues told me that
I'm sounding less today, and why? So I explained that I changed the
strings. And she told me that I absolutely should change the strings back again.

So I turned to my strings, and in the fourth rehearsal she was happy with it, because the articulation is much better, sounds clearer and louder.

When I had some concerts in the concert hall, the pitch of the lower three strings changed a lot during the concert, but the upper two strings were keeping more or less the same.
And no whiskers coming out after playing for 3 weeks.

Three of the 8ft Violone strings were also successful on the bow
and also for the pizzicato. It has very charming pizzicato sound
which I never experienced, and I loved it

October 2020

Jordi B. Paradis

The Shanghai International Choral League (China)

Jordi Paradis, together with his wife Wang Jin, is the leader of a big chorus in Shanghai.

His grandfather was a luthier in Spain and worked with Pablo Casals. With this sound and cultural background, Jordi asked my tutorship to fulfil his dream of creating a historical informed orchestra in Shanghai. He decided to provide his players with proper baroque instruments and bows. I went with him (virtually) to pick them up in a remote Chinese region, and we could discuss the better set up with his luthier until he had the desired result, with big strings and a powerful sound.

Then I had a meeting with his players to answer their questions after the first week of practice with their new instruments. We are planning more sessions so they can give school concerts and explain to the students what’s unique in their playing and instruments.

He is a man taking action to share his love for western early music on the other side of the world!

siclchoir.org - youtube