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It was a wonderful opportunity to have Daniela over here in Tokyo lecturing us. I was impressed by her lecture that was so meticulously prepared backed by her deep knowledge, rich experiences and most of all, her passion for this craft.

Daniela’s first-hand knowledge in manufacturing fields as well as her extensive research experiences created a persuasive ensemble of technical data, stories and practical tips that lifted me steps higher in just a few hours.

She is also a one-of-a-kind lecturer who goes extra miles to reach out to the audience to invite as many questions as possible to make sure everyone goes out of the room with clear minds, fully satisfied. Being a novice gut-string maker myself, I handed Daniela my home-made gut string and she gave me loads of useful insights beyond my expectation. With her trained eyes, just one piece of string will become a treasure chest of knowledge.

Thank you Daniela, I can’t wait to have you back here in Asia.

Kenji Yagi

Parchment expert, lecturer and maker

amateur String Maker

Tokyo, Japan

I have studied an article about the manufacturer of gut strings many years ago. Then I met Daniela in an online mastermind group about bowed instrument making and I realized that her knowledge about gut string is profound and her experiences are so rare and also essentially for all of us who love the bowed instruments. But still I didn't realize that she was the author of that beautiful article until she sent me her CV for preparing a workshop on Gut String.

After we conducted 2018 Tokyo Gut String Workshop together, I'm convinced that working with Daniela is essential not only for musicians and luthiers who long to find a relevant historical performance but also for everybody who need a more colorful performance on steel and synthetic strings because studying with Daniela could lead us to a much profund understanding about the great artist in the past and thus change our attitude.

Takumi Takakura

Violin Maker

Director at Takumi Violin Making School,  Hannou city (Saitama prefecture), 

formerly Teacher at Shimamura Music Techical Academy,

Tokyo, Japan

You know how important is for your talent

to shine through a correct stringing

Dmitry Badiarov violoncello da spalla

Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Designer, Musician,

Online Enterpreneur

String Pitch Problem

Hi Daniela,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I will definitely try out those options and see if it helps. I actually did soak my A string in olive oil but it was only for a week as I could not wait to try it! The other half of the string is still in the oil, so I will try it when it's been over a 

Thank you again for your help, not just today but for sharing your invaluable knowledge through your website!

Warm wishes,

Dechopol Kowintaweewat

Dechopol Kowintaweewat

Violinist. Zorá Quartet


Concert successful!

We performed on Saturday morning and it was quite successful :)

Thank-you very much for your help, as you deserve part of the the credit.

Thank-you very much for your support and hope to contact you soon for a new project.

Jordi B. Paradis

Chorus Conductor

Shanghai International Choral League

Shanghai, China

Daniela Gaidano is very thorough and enthusiastic researcher in the world of early stringed instruments. Her endeavours have included visiting elderly string makers in remote areas to preserve memories of the old ways of string making, archival research, and long practical experience with Aquila strings, recognised throughout the world as leading pioneers in the struggle to recover the lost sounds of the old instruments 

Chris Goodwin

Secretary, The Lute Society

Great Britain

I met Daniela many years ago when she was a student of baroque viola. I was very pleased to share her sensibility and competence about making and using gut strings. Her passion is driven by the desire of empowering artists with more freedom of expression through a deeper knowledge of their tools, being the strings among this tools.

Enrico Onofri

Violinist, Conductor, Teacher


Thank you so much for your strings tips. I am amazed at how easy it was to change a gut string on a viol!! I used three of your videos and I did it! You give out so much fantastic informations for free. Thanks to you, we will have much better educated musicians, and in the end it's the music that profits. Thank you. 

Kate Walpole

Freelance Baroque Bassoonist, Teacher at UWA and WAAPA, Amateur cellist

Perth, Australia

The passionate interest of Daniela Gaidano for the world of authentic stringing, and her study and investigations in that field, have impressed me since the time I met her. It is important for today's musicians using period instruments, to be well informed about the different historic possibilities and best solutions for the instrument they use - I do not hesitate to recommend Daniela's knowledge and help to anyone who wants serious basis to refer to.

Sigiswald Kuijken

Artistic Director of La Petite Bande. 

Honorary Professor at The Hague and Brussels Royal Conservatories,

The Nederlands

This is an indispensable book for any player of There is so much to learn about Natural Gut String's, Daniela is a Fountain of knowledge re Gut String's any problem Daniela will help, she has helped me at Veritas with dramatic results.

Michael Burnham

Violin Maker

Veritas Baroque Vionin

United Kingdom

Having a dedicated service to know more about Gut Strings was helpful to add more specialist knowledge into my own instrument building, getting the best sound out of each instrument and providing the best comfort for each player.

...after all we are all here to improve our sound production by the end of the day!

Paul Shelley

Violin Maker

Birmingham, United Kingdom